Teachers of the Dutch/Indonesian Martial Arts, in America

Photo by DJSGurus accepting students:

Pak Victor de Thouars:  Serak® - Bellflower California - 562 920-0472

Steve Gartin  Tendjek SerMal - Denver, Colorado 720-404-1812

Chas Clements  Tendjek SerMak - Aurora, Colorado  303-364-0403

Randall Goodwin - KunLun Pai - Canada: www.kuntaosilat.org

Mike Roberto - Serak® - www.serak.net  California 

Joe Judt: Bay Area  - American KunTao Silat  415-845-3562 joe@kuntaosilat.net Tendjek Sermal

Vince Brown: Bay Area - American KunTao Silat  vince@kuntaosilat.net

Brant Bollars: Silat Kilap Betawi Muda - Portland Oregon

Steve Rollert: Silat Kilap Betawi Muda - Keenesburg Colorado  www.doveknives.com

George Tillman: Silat Kilap Betawi Muda - Active Duty Middle East Conflict


Practice Leaders:

Kurtis Goodwin Malibar KunTao Silat - Portland Oregon

Trent Beach: Malibar KunTao Silat  trent@kuntaosilat.net  Baton Rouge Louisiana

Bill Perkins: Malibar KunTao Silat  perk72120@comcast.net - Little Rock, Arkansas

Badger Jones:  Malibar KunTao Silat Canada   young_forest@hotmail.com   

Kevin Hill: Malibar KunTao Silat - Canada  Kevin.Hill@jdsu.com

Kris Roberts: Silat Kilap Betawi Muda Aurora, Colorado

Bryan Murray:  Silat Kilap Betawi Muda - Thornton, Colorado


With grace to our Indonesian martial mentors:

U. Un Surya: GrandMaster, Ming Po

GrandMaster Thio Tjoan Oen

Home, with God, at rest.  Praise YHVH for his time with us.

A kind and gentle businessman with a contagious smile and sparkling eyes, "Bill Chang" could change in a mili-second into the fierce I shing Ie GrandMaster that was known and feared all over the Orient.  Mr. Chang came to Denver to live and work sponsored by the de Thouars Brothers.  He termed his martial art a "royal gung fu," not to be confused with the peasant arts of Indonesia.  He explained his art as a musical scale, wherein a few specific motions are trained to flow into infinite possibilities controlled by an open and inviting mind already confident of the ultimate outcome of the encounter before it began.  "Before you fight, you win!."


Our kuntao and silat Teacher Willem de Thouars


Willem de Thouars
Bapak, KunTao Silat de Thouars

KunLun Pai & RatuDuri Silat


                                                                                        Pendekar, Serak® Silat   Paul de Thouars Paul de Thouars

Pak Victor de Thouars:  Serak® SilatVictor Ivan Charles de Thouars - click for action MPG                              

Pendekar Paul is a model of technical refinement.  His guidance and direction has been invaluable in the evolution of our martial understanding.

Pak Victor has always directed much of his engineering prowess into the mechanics of Serak® and has been an enduring source of technical knowledge.  From the early days of living with Pak Vic we were inspired and instilled with the "work ethic" that actually builds the skills that a mature practitioner can rely upon for self defense.  We also had a Pantjar taped on the livingroom floor and Pak Vic began introducing us to the Serak® Platform and its uncanny effectiveness over 25 years ago.  I continue that education today.                                                   

Malabar KunTao Silat, American KunTao Silat and Tendjek Sermal  are derived from the teachings of our beloved Dutch/Indonesian Elder Brothers.  We have had the grace and honor of receiving training on a Cigar Dalem (Inner-Circle) level from some of the finest Dutch Indonesian teachers in America today.  We acknowledge the great gifts of martial understanding they have given freely to us.  May YHVH always bless, guide and protect them,

In sincere appreciation,

Steve Gartin

Tendjek SerMal  -  American KunTao Silat™  -  Malabar KunTao Silat

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